Devilish Reasons For Getting Payday Loans - When You Shouldn't Get One

Payday loans are readily available online and the money goes into your bank account in just a matter of a few hours or minutes, or at the most after 24 hours. Now what's on your mind?

Are You Sure You Need a Loan?

Easy access to payday loans can tempt even the most prudent of borrowers who shy away from fast loans. With just a click of a mouse every one can have money in their bank accounts. But do you really need that loan? Here is a list of devilish reasons that might tempt you to get a loan:

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* Impressing the in-laws with a lavish dinner out. For their overnight visit, you must not, for your own sanity take out a loan, to impress the in-laws. This one-night stand at a tony restaurant can cost you years of payback and indigestion. Better invest on take-out meals and entertain them at home; they'll be more comfortable in your home.

* Buying a kid a fancy mobile phone because he has to have what the others are showing off. Giving in to a child's demand, even if you cannot afford it spoils him rotten. That cute kid will grow up to be a demanding teen and adult in later life. Let him earn the mobile phone by doing extra chores at home and spending more time with his homework.

* Rushing to get payday loans because everybody wants a vacation. These days, vacations are luxuries you can ill afford. The fact that you are getting a payday loan to fly you to Thailand is a red alert already. Drop the idea please.

* Giving in to the pestering of the boys for a boys' night-out because it is your birthday. Ask for a rain check. You know how much a boy's night out cost these days? You'll have an eternal hang-over if you default on your loan.

* You want a new pair of fancy shoes because it is on sale yet the price tag is way out of your budget. Think of the agony ahead if you can't live on less for two weeks after you pay the loan.

* Hiring an assassin. Well, this may be far out but this is never a good reason to take out payday loans. The unpaid loans plus the assassin's demand for more money can ruin your life and there's jail time too. Crime does not pay, but you have to pay those loans real quick.

Practical Reasons for Getting a Loan

Lenders are quick to explain that payday loans are for emergencies that threaten your work i.e. car breakdown. These are small short-term loans, remember? The problem is people forget about the word short-term so they end up paying long-term. Here is another list, this time on practical purposes of fast loans:

* Medication. If you are on a maintenance program, you can't afford to slip.

* Medical emergency. The doctor's bill and the OPD charges and plus prescription medication won't wait.

* Reading glasses. You just broke your old reading glasses and need the item to be able to work.

Have you noted that these are small ticket items? That's where your payday loans should go.

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